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YouTube SEO: 5 Steps To Rank Your Videos

Rahul Singh


YouTube SEO

Video marketing has never been a forte for any business service in the past few decades. But after the invention of the YouTube platform, it suddenly catches the attention of many online marketers. Video marketing has become a new interactive way to attract customers in no time as videos engage the customers like no other kind of content does. If you have no idea how to use this marketing tool for the benefit of your business, prefer hiring any digital marketing agency in India  

Youtube has emerged as a new platform for many bloggers, influencers, and digital marketers. It ultimately marked itself in the google engine search pages to increase the phenomena of Youtube SEO. It is a process through which digital marketers optimize their Youtube videos to get in the first 10 rankings in the Youtube searches. SEO is the major goal is to make your website easy to crawl, search or rank more easily. 

Google has come up with the latest algorithm that helps in checking whether your video is properly optimized according to the latest updates or not. This same process exists in Youtube if you want your videos or channels to be seen in the top of the youtube search engine pages. Try Youtube SEO!

In this article we are going to elaborate some of the most popular techniques that will help your videos or channel rank in the top positions. Let’s have a look!

5 Tips To Rank Your Videos Through YouTube SEO

Well Research Keywords For Youtube

Keyword Research is one of the important tactics of Youtube SEO as well as for search engines. Now you want to know how the google bots or crawlers will find out the topic of videos you are posting online as they are unable to read them. Keywords are the most important entity to relate the subject of the video with the user queries. Crawlers just read keywords in Video titles, description or content to show the video according to the user intent.

Well researched tags can help the content to get seen on your targeted audience searches. Just try to use relevant keywords with proper searches.This is the reason that you have to conduct keyword research carefully as it will target your audience otherwise you will get no visitors at all on your channel. Select the keywords that are most relatable to your video content with popular searches to attract more customers.

Make Optimized & Concise Video Titles

After conducting the keyword research, you need to focus on one more thing that is the title of the video content. Video always has the keywords that our users are going to mention on the search engine searches. So this way you need to be more specific regarding making the title of the videos.

Look at the top searches when we see them in the video section. We used to see that most of the videos use exact keywords in their title along with optimized title length. Keywords should be in the beginning. It is not necessary that long titles performed extraordinarily well. The optimized length for the title is 45 to 75 characters at an average or maximum length of 100 words. We should make the titles more concise with exact keywords.

Write Smart & Persuasive Descriptions

A description is another feature while uploading the videos. The description field should be descriptive because you need to keep the title short & concise. While uploading the video your description must be longer & should contain all the information in every possible way.

The character length has to be around 5000 characters. You need to keep the interesting or main information at the beginning of the video description so that users find it useful to click when they see the description in ranked results. Try not to use any promotional content, in the beginning, to put off your users.  Well explained or attractive video description increases the rate of engagement.

You can use popular or relevant hashtags regarding your content to increase the chance of getting found on search engine pages.  Try to include a call to action at the end of the description like subscribe to the channel, different timestamps to video, or many more.

Make Longer Videos To Increase CTR

The duration of the video is directly proportional to the online ranking factor. We can see online that videos with longer duration of more than 15 minutes rank higher than the video with less time duration. So it is good to invest in making long videos. A video with less than 2 minutes is not worth ranking because google crawlers neglect such videos based on less information mentioned in them. 

We are not saying that it is a compulsion to make videos only for a long duration. But try to make more informational content with relevancy. So don’t rush over the length of the video. Choose quality over quantity always while video making.

Promote Your Videos Over Other Platforms

After proper on-page optimization for Youtube SEO. You need to promote your videos on other social media channels to get more user interactions or visitors. You can create more videos on the products or services that can be mentioned on the website. Use the links of the video in the blog post of your website. You can also throw the video links in a variety of groups, forums, or q/a sites to get more customer engagement.


Coming to an end we all know that while optimizing the video content you need to pay attention to every single detail. Or your whole SEO effort can go to waste.

If you are a beginner to Youtube SEO you can consult any digital marketing Agency in Chandigarh to get better-ranked videos in no time. Otherwise you can use above mentioned tips to get better rankings for your videos. Do let us know in the comment section which tip works for you.