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You Must Know These Features if You are Waiting for iPhone 13?

Rahul Tiwari


iPhone 13 Features

People Are Crazy About Apple

This is the age of branding where it signifies quality, durability, and value for money. Talking of  brands, there are good brands, and great brands. Apple phones lie in the later category. When we talk of best mobile phones, laptops, and other handheld devices, the one name that towers over everything is Apple. 
That is why whenever, the new model of Apple phones are launched, people wait in the queue for hours. Only yesterday, I was reading a post on Connect app by a young Indian student who narrated his experience of how he stood in a queue outside a Los Angeles store for almost 18 hours.

Latest Model in the Offing

Apple is currently contemplating about launching its latest model of iPhone. It’s not only the company but people are also waiting earnestly for the iPhone 13. Everyday, we keep hearing about the new features of this model. Currently, some unique features of iPhone 13 are widely talked about on the social media. 

Customers all over the world have always eagerly waiting for Apple products. Although, Apple will be launching many products this year, but their most discussed product is the iPhone 13.  Many features of this phone, This particular model in all probability will be launched in the next month. 
However, several features of this phone have already been leaked and that has created a lot of frenzy among customers. Recently, some more features of this phone were leaked in media. Besides, these leaked features, the Apple company has also officially revealed some details about iPhone 13.  Let’s try to understand these features. 

New Features of iPhone 13

According to Mark Garman, the senior Apple insider at Bloomberg, said that the rear cameras of the iPhone 13 are going to be much better than earlier.  He further added that this model will be fitted with ‘Cinematic Video’ a new recording mode which will bring the similar bokeh effect in the videos like in photos.  Apart from this, it will also allow users to adjust the blur in their videos after recording in portrait mode.

The new ‘ProRes’ feature of iPhone 13

Mark Garman also shared that Apple will add another exciting feature  called ‘ProRes’ for videos in their iPhone 13. Earlier there was this video feature called ‘ProRAW’ in their iPhone 12-Pro’. However, ‘ProRes’ feature is more advanced and will give better scope to users to edit their content.

Additional Feature for Photo

In the new model, there is also a special feature for photos. According to Mark Garman, in iPhone 13, there will be multiple filters for still photographs. These will be much upgraded version of the earlier filters. By using these new iPhone filters, users can easily apply the filter to a part of the photograph instead of applying it on the entire photo. Users always felt need of such a filter, but had no choice since it wasn’t available. So, they will likely go gaga over this new feature. 

What Apple thinks about their iPhone 13?

It’s again Mark Garman who confirmed many of the leaked features to be true.  He said that Apple is all set to launch its phone with a 120Hz Pro-Motion display and a A 15 chip. Apple will also offer next-gen WiFi, upgraded 5G modem with bigger size batteries that are more advanced than the previous model. One of the best features of this latest model of iPhone is it’s battery that gets charged in a flash. 
There is one particular feature that in all likelihood won’t be appreciated much by customers. According to reliable sources, in iPhone 13, there won’t be any Touch ID like in the earlier models. Apple’s Chief Financial Officer also added that the supply of iPhone 13 may be very limited,. 
Therefore, considering the huge demand of Apple phones, it is difficult to predict how many of people will become lucky owners of iPhone 13. so now it remains to be seen how many Apple fans can name this phone. This may be a well thought out strategy on the part of company to create a favourable atmosphere for the launch of their new model. 

The flipside of Apple Phones

It’s not as if everyone is excited about the new model of iPhone. Almost, 44% of existing Apple customers are disillusioned with their iPhone. They think it doesn’t give value for money. And brand Apple is more of a hype. They will most likely buy smartphones of a different brand. 
Also as many as 56.3 ℅ people have not shown any interest in the latest model from Apple.  In one of the leaked reports, it was told that iPhone 13 will support higher refresh rate display under Touch ID and small notch display. 

Mixed Feelings among Customers

There is no doubt that iPhone 12 series was a huge success for the Apple. To a large extent, company’s extraordinary results were because of the bumper sale of their iPhone 12. However, now majority of users aren’t happy with the performance of iPhone 12 series smartphones, and would likely refrain from buying the latest model. 
According to a report, about 44℅ of existing iPhone customers aren’t happy with their earlier model. Given the opportunity, they will likely replace their old phones with the upcoming iPhone 13 model.
According to a latest survey, almost 44 ℅ of the iPhone owners have shown their willingness to buy the new iPhone 13 smartphone. Among existing iPhone 12 users, approx. 2.7℅ have shown interest in purchasing the upcoming iPhone 13 model.  However, almost 56 ℅ of people have not shown any interest about the upcoming model of iPhone. 

Multiple Variants if iPhone 13

The upcoming iPhone 13 will be launched in four color variants – iPhone 13 mini with 5.4 inch, iPhone 13 6.1 inch, iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch and iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7 inch display support. In a survey, around 38℅ of people have shown interest in buying the standard iPhone 13, 31 ℅ for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and another 24℅ for the iPhone 13 Pro smartphone. Surprisingly, only 7℅ of the people want to buy the iPhone 13 mini.