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Why You Need a Monitor Arm for Your Home Office Setup?



Monitor Arm for Home and Office

Adding a monitor arm in your workspace not only makes your workday comfortable but also keeps your desk clear. This wonderful invention is an awesome piece of equipment that keeps you in the right posture & provides relief to your eyes. No doubt, it is a healthy ergonomic desk that encourages productivity and contributes to movement & wellness. In markets, you can get numerous options to regard to monitor arm and this thing can bother you. Besides all of this, a great ergonomic desk can make your workstation more comfortable and save space.

Picking the right monitor arm can be a little bit tricky for you. Don’t panic about that, there are several factors to consider such as workspace environment, number of monitors, and adjustment. Here, we came up with the complete guide that will help you to choose the best monitor support.

Most Importantly: What is a Monitor Arm?

Let’s keep an eye on the important fact, what a monitor arm is? This robotic-looking arm gives support to your laptop; as you can easily attach this to your wall, ceiling or desk. The best part about the monitor arm is you can easily adjust this in your workspace according to height & shape. It allows you to move the screen backward & forwards so that you can adjust the screen according to your height. If you have decided to purchase a monitor arms desk mount, then here are few factors that you should know about.

The reason behind the Need for a Monitor Arm

To choose the best monitor arm you’ll need to consider the reason, why you must go for this incredible invention.

Offers Working Posture & Comfort Level- First and foremost, the user can raise the arm desk and screen according to ideal height and comfort. It gives you the right posture and relieves the strain through the upper back & hunchback; which might occur due to long-term use of a traditional chair and desk.

Abolish Computer Eye Strain- Computer eye strain is also known as computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Working for a long at the computer screen can cause your eyes to tire. But, with proper health care and ergonomic adjustment, you can prevent eye strain, fatigue, dryness, and blurred vision.

Perfect Companion, Height Adjustable & Active Desk- The monitor arm is a perfect companion to standing as you can adjust this according to your suitability; also users can easily sit and stand at their workstation. This means, monitor arm desk encourages activity and helps you to adjust the smooth and effortless position.

Smooth Collaboration & Increase Productivity- A monitor arm allows you to easy and smooth adjustment of the screen; so that workers can easily share the documents to their workers. You can easily take 180-degree horizontal rotation and this is the most important feature. More than that, it allows you to complete command over the visual display and provides users with a natural and comfortable working experience.

Things You Need to Consider

When going to purchase your favorite monitor arms desk, here are few things that you should consider.

  1. Sizes of Monitor- there is various size and shapes of the monitor in the market. Well, almost all monitor arm desks are fairly universal, but you need to arrange a specially designed ergonomic desk if you have an extra-large monitor.
  2. Flexibility- flexibility is the thing that you can never avoid so make sure to add this one to your consideration list. While working, if your arm feels comfortable and flexible, it’ll become easier for you to work; because your arm can move, rotate and tilt.
  3. Mounting System- have you decide where to mount the arm, at the desk or to your wall? Among all, this should be the most important consideration when making your final decision. Rather then, there are numerous options are available, for example; for having a clamp style your desk should have a place to clamp the arm.
  4. VESA Support- Nowadays, most monitors are available in VESA-standard. That means, if you have an old version then you need to buy a VESA adaptor to support your monitor. This is specially designed for non-VESA standard monitors; because in VESA compatible monitors, you can found standard mounting holes. 

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