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Why Software Licensing is important for your business?

jeff winger


Software Licensing is important for your business

A software license is a mutual agreement between two parties that mainly involves the buyer and the owner of the software when they purchase the software. Some software is used for home based purposes while others can be used to run businesses. While signing or undertaking such an agreement, it is forbidden for the two parties to involve a third party in between about anything related to the software.

If any of the parties does so (mostly the buyer), then the agreement will be completely void. If the concerned party is found guilty of violations in the agreement or infringement of copyright law, then there can be a legal prosecution held up against them. This is done by all of the software companies to avoid people making several illegal copies of their software and selling them out for a far low price such as a cheap software license in the black market.

Why software licensing is important for your business?

Purchasing software with its license agreement helps your business ensure that you have the correct amount of licenses you need for your business rather than spending more money on purchasing individual licenses. It also saves your business from any potential litigation for having too few licenses in the future. Having a software license for your business, not only helps you on staying on the right side of the law but also provides you with other software support services and not just only running the software for you. For example, if you had unlicensed software and it somehow stopped working in the middle of a job for your business, you wouldn’t know where to seek help or how to make the software running back again. Hence, this licensed software by companies also provide you with technical support for the software you purchased from them to help run the day-to-day tasks of your business.

Few reasons why you should always have software licensing

1) Unlicensed software is strictly against the law

Use of unlicensed software is strictly against the law and you can be exposed to both financial and legal risk. It is considered software piracy which refers to duplication, unauthorized usage, or distribution of copyrighted software. In doing so, the copyright owners can easily take legal actions against you and the government will also help them in asking for you to pay the legal damages caused. Depending on the severity of the violation done, they might even consider you personally liable for it. Especially if you are a director or a manager and knew or encouraged for the usage of the unlicensed software, then you will be personally held accountable for it. Most of the people using the unlicensed software think that they won’t get caught while using it but there are just mistaken. There are many tools and services which help identify unlicensed software users and help the company to recover that lost revenue.

2) Better protection from cybersecurity threats and malware

A licensed software reduces the risk of any kind of cybersecurity threat or malware affecting your business. You nearly have a 1/3rd chance of encountering threats or malware with unlicensed software. Reports have shown that people and businesses who use unlicensed software, generally have encountered more threats or malware attacks than those who don’t. It’s because the cybercriminals embed or pre-install malware in the unlicensed software and gain unauthorized access to your information later on.

3) Can save you money

Licensed software can increase efficiency and save a lot of money. Sometimes a business can get one planned software license according to their needs rather than buying many individual software licenses. This will not only reduce the software license costs but also feature many collective tools as one for using. Other than this if you buy a licensed software, you can seek any kind of support from the software company. Whereas, if you have unlicensed software and need support, you’ll just have to ask for external help which will then again cost you more than software at times. For example, you can easily find a cheap cPanel license for your web hosting but sometimes you don’t get all the tools or support in it that you want, so always find an authentic software that will help you not to spend money again in the future and cost you only its subscription fee.

Software Licensing is the right way for you!

Always make sure to search about the software whose license you need. Find out about the companies that sell that license and choose the one which matches your requirements. Some companies offer short periods of license for software like one month or three months rather than big companies offering licenses for a minimum of six months or up to a year. Some good license offering companies even let you have a trial version of their software so that you know whether the software and the tools inside it meet your business’s requirement or not. Go for software licensing of your business as it will be beneficial for you and will make your work run even smoother.