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Why Baggage Insurance Is Important During Your Trip?

Jeet Saini


Baggage Insurance

It is quite a common incident to lose your baggage while traveling due to burglary or other reasons. The loss suffered due to such a mishap might put people in deep trouble. For these reasons, you can consider baggage insurance to get reimbursed for the loss and the damage to the baggage while traveling.

Baggage Insurance

Baggage insurance is an integral component of a travel insurance plan. Yet, it can also be obtained as separate insurance. Likewise, you can get the reimbursement for the loss through baggage insurance if the contents or baggage is smashed.

Baggage refers to the personal goods that belong to the insured. The insurance also covers the loss faced by the insured due to delays of baggage. Thus, baggage insurance offers relaxed traveling because, at times, the airlines company do not provide a suitable resolution to such problems. In this context, you can obtain a baggage insurance plan under the Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions of Bajaj Finsev, a prominent financial services company. Furthermore, you can also go for card protection by acquiring a Wallet Care plan if you lose your wallet or suffer from fraud related to debit or credit cards.

Claim Process

  1. The policyholder needs to call the insurance company’s customer care and inform about the mishap as soon as he is aware of the loss/damage. On a similar note, he can also visit the branch of the insurance company to intimate about the issue
  2. The policyholder submits the list of essential documents that are lost or damaged
  3. A representative of the insurance company connects with the policyholder and airlines authority to validate the claim process
  4. In the case of a sincere claim, the basic value of the lost or damaged goods is paid in the account of the claimant
  5. The claim is rejected if it is not in line with the plan and the policyholder is informed. 
  6. The claimant can raise a dispute if he is not satisfied with the settlement. 

How does it function?

  1. First of all, the person availing of baggage insurance should apply
  2. As soon as the person applies, the insurance service provider checks the entitlement
  3. The insurance company asks the applicant to submit the documents as soon as he finds the person appropriate for the plan
  4. The applicant should immediately report the issue at the customer care number of the insurance company if any sudden event happens with the policyholder after the commencement of the plan 
  5. The insurance company  representative validates the details with the policyholder and airlines
  6. The essential value of the baggage is paid if the claim is found genuine, or else it will be rejected in case of any fraud.
  7. The policyholder can raise a dispute in the court of law if he is not satisfied with the resolution or amount of compensation.


A baggage insurance is mandatory for those people who prefer frequent traveling. Some of the key advantages of this insurance are:

  1. Covers the costs of stolen or lost items in your baggage during the tour
  2. Precisely covers the expenses of the lost or damaged baggage
  3. Safeguards a trouble-free travel experience at not only domestic but also at international fronts
  4. Covers the outlays of lost or damaged baggage that occurred due to fire, riots, or strikes

Key Takeways

  1. Make a note of the contents in the baggage before traveling. Likewise, the insured needs to mention the items in case if the baggage is lost. This will ease the entire process at the time of claiming the insurance amount.
  2. In case of any unexpected event, the insured will be paid only the amount that has been stated while applying for the insurance.

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