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What is Outsourced IT Support for Small Businesses

Jeet Saini


Outsourced IT services is utilizing the expertise of IT support or Managed IT provider for IT needs of staff and maximising productivity. Businesses and employees use IT services to meet their needs and goals. IT services for businesses include:

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Managed IT Support 
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Software Development
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. IT Maintenance and troubleshooting 
  7. Data security and continuity

Why should businesses Outsource IT services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Over 80% of Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) in Australia use the services of a Managed IT provider for their advancement and growth. To stay competitive and overcome economic conditions including pandemic, businesses depend on reliable IT support and managed providers for their IT services. IT strategy helps in staying on the right track with the IT roadmap as well as concentrate on clients. The reasons why IT Outsourcing to Managed Providers is a win-win situation for both parties are discussed below.

Focus on the Business

Outsourcing IT services to a Managed IT Support organisation allows businesses to focus on their core services which is the major advantage of a dedicated IT provider. There are added benefits of saving time, capital and resources for organisations. Because of the IT expertise a dedicated provider is able to provide different IT services to organisations in an efficient manner. This helps employees to invest more time and resources towards their customers and growing the organisation or NFP.

IT Outsourcing Cost

The cost structure of Outsourcing IT services to expert IT support services provider is almost always lower that hiring in-house full-time IT staff. This is because business management does not have to pay for regular training and skills upgrades of the staff. The ability to access the services of IT expertise provider at a relatively low cost or a monthly plan is a clear advantage for any business in the marketplace.

Business Scalability

Managed IT providers help businesses grow and scale from start to being leaders in their field. When the businesses start out, the needs of the staff are lower, so they can utilise partially managed IT support provider. As the businesses start to grow and scale, their staff, IT infrastructure and Cloud footprint grow bigger. At this stage they can request fully managed IT services for the IT partner.

IT Expertise

A significant advantage of IT support is the ability to access expertise of an IT organization almost instantaneously and different types of IT services. These services include Business Cloud, Cyber Security, Data Backup, Business Continuity and Digital Transformation services. Hiring staff that have the knowledge and experience in cloud, software and marketing for all the different IT services can be a challenge and a huge investment hire different IT. Businesses can easily and efficiently leverage the skills of IT support providers easily with managed IT services.

Excellent IT Support

Utilizing partially manage or fully managed remote IT support enables cost efficiency because businesses only have to pay for what they need without the extra cost. Monthly plans reduce the risk of cost blowouts and excess expenditure for management.  At the same time employees have access to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 IT support for various needs. If the lower level of tech support is not able to close the ticket on the phone. The problem is immediately escalated to level 2 or higher and the issues are resolved in a timely manner. A virtual IT department service means that the employees are able to depend on the IT support provider similar to in-house IT department.

Aligned business goals and IT partner

The IT support providers act as important IT partners and ensure that there are no disruptions or downtime for staff because of technology. This way the business goals for both organizations are aligned with success of each other. When the business succeeds, it also leads to the success of the IT support provider organisation. At the same time, Managed IT support providers are IT partners with strong IT skills and expertise built over many years of service.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the essential process of integrating new technology in different businesses areas and processes. Businesses have to adapt to new technology for their needs and advancement of their staff. A perfect example is work from home for employees and hybrid office solutions. This required businesses to adapt to cloud technologies and a challenge for the management, staff and clients to get accustomed to new technology. Managed IT providers provide IT support to help integrate new technology for the businesses and staff for different scenarios.

In conclusion, Managed IT support provider are Outsourced IT partners that work with different businesses and help them with IT services to meet their IT needs and goals. The businesses of the future will integrate new technologies including cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchains within their business processes.

Managed IT Support are a dependable business partner for continued business growth and advancement of employees. By outsourcing businesses are able to focus on their core and continue to drive success for their organisation, staff and clients.