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What Functions You Should Consider Arranging as Bridesmaid?

Jack Ronnin


RELATIONSHIPWhat Functions You Should Consider Arranging as Bridesmaid?

Aside from the celebration and the reception, there are many additional opportunities to bring family members and loved ones together for the celebration, and sometimes they start on the very day you are promised. Although it is a western and new concept, a wedding shower is one of the most anticipated events, full of fun and excitement for the bride and her friends before her wedding. 

Even a bachelorette party comes after that! It is an event where the bride has a wonderful time with her close friends and is entertained by them. So, to make this even more memorable, here are some fun games you can add to your party games list.

Some Pre wedding Functions

Here are;

1. The Lingerie Bridal Shower:

Now, this is fun and gives the bride completely new underwear. Get the guests to give the bride a piece of underwear. Ask them to explain why they think that particular piece would fit her personality and how they can use the bride to impress her future husband. This is a completely naughty pre-wedding function. See how to host bridal shower lingerie.

2. Bachelorette Party:

As with any other event, a bachelorette party requires a lot of planning. At its core, it is a celebration of the bride who leaves her days alone in the past. It is important to include the bride in certain decisions leading up to the planning, especially when it comes to the chosen body. A bachelorette party can be a travel event, in which case, you will want to make sure you plan and book your hotel and accommodation ahead of time. Gifts are not required. the bride or other close friend can follow this checklist:

  • Choose a place or job.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Choose a date.
  • Discuss the budget with other members of the bridal party.
  • Send invitations.
  • Make reservations if needed.

3. Welcome Party:

The welcome party is somewhat of a newer custom that presents a casual setting for the bride to welcome their guests to all of the impending wedding festivities, a day or two before their marriage. If you’re taking part in a destination wedding, all guests should be summoned to the party. As a bridesmaid, you are loose from organizing, planning, and paying for this event. Just make confident you show up if invited.

4. Bridesmaids Luncheon:

 The bridesmaid luncheon, like the rehearsal dinner, will occur during the weekend of the wedding. In many cases, bridesmaids design and host the luncheon in the glory of the bride. But normally, it’s the bride that will use this event as a chance to thank each of her bridesmaids for their hard work. Apart from the bridesmaids, in presence may be the bride and groom’s mothers and the flower girls. Without the authority, the luncheon becomes a different ambience where guests can just sit back, relax, and enjoy themselves. The luncheon can also hold diversity emergence, from restaurants to mani-pedis, depending on the feeling the bride plans to achieve.

5. Bridal Shower:

Hosting a bridal shower isn’t always compulsory, but bridesmaids will grasp a lot of the responsibility for planning and organizing this event if their bride opts for it. This celebration for the bride will be essential in deciding on a forecast, guest list, theme, and much more. Unfortunately, this is one of the events that will hang on your and the rest of the bridesmaid’s wallets since you’ll be ripping the cost. And don’t let slip to buy a gift for the bridal shower.

6. Engagement Party:

A wedding party is just that: a wedding anniversary celebration. These participatory “amazing” organizations, sometimes regarded as separate events, are usually organized by a couple who are asking a question and are illegal. Close family members and close friends may leave to attend a small celebration, but it is usually attended by friends or relatives who live near the site where the proposal took place, or who help them put together a proposal. A wedding party can follow many types of entertainment formats and include a variety of games and activities. Although gifts are not technically required.


Though a fairly western and new concept, a bridal shower is one of the most anticipated, fun-filled, and entertaining events for a bride and her friends before her wedding. Even the bachelorette party comes after that! It is an event where the bride-to-be gets to spend some quality time with her close friends and be pampered by them.