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Ways You Can Achieve a Lighter Skin Tone

Hamna Munir


Every girl, woman, and man out their desire to have perfect and flawless skin for sure. Beauty has no specific or lighter skin tone or color, and if you want to achieve your natural skin tone and spotless, smooth skin, you must work for it. Choosing the right path matters a lot as many skin bleaching products can other so-called quick remedies can harm your skin.

Don’t worry too much because we are here with some easy-to-do home and clinical remedies along with some preventive measures to help you to get a lighter skin tone.

Home Remedies to Get Lighter Skin Tone

Here are some of the best home remedies for skin whitening treatment in Dubai and other countries. These remedies are very safe and have been tested on different people.

Orange Peel Mask for Lasting Fairness

Grind a fresh peeled orange and mix it with cold milk and then apply this paste onto your facial skin. Orange is a natural belching agent and is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Using orange with milk will make it even better because milk is a natural skin moisturizer known for its skin whitening properties.

Homemade Face Pack

Make a mask using pure butter (without any impurity), one tablespoon of honey, and some banana paste. Gently mix until you get a scrub like structure. Apply this mixture directly onto your facial skin and massage for some time every day or once a week for getting desired results.

You can use the mask of orange peel to get the skin brightening outcomes. Grind fresh orange peels with cold milk and apply this orange paste onto the face & neck. Use this mask two times a week for a lighter skin tone naturally.

Natural Skin Toner

Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and rose water together to make a solution. Now use a cotton pad to soak up this solution and gently dab it onto your affected areas or your whole skin. Rinse it off after 3-5 minutes. This toner works as a natural skin toner and removes any impurities from your skin.

Clinical Remedies to Lighter your Skin Tone

These are some of the most practiced clinical skin whitening treatments in Dubai. If you want a quick and long-lasting solution to even out your skin tone, then look no further.

Chemical Peels

You should always consult a dermatologist if you are thinking of undergoing this particular procedure. These chemical peels contain acids of different concentrations to peel off the topmost skin layer to show up the underlying skin that is much fairer and smoother than the top layer of the skin.

Prescription Cream that Contain

Any prescription cream that contains Kojic acid, Glycolic acid, and Salicylic acid can be used to even out your skin tone. All these acids are known for their skin exfoliating properties and reveal new skin.

Laser Skin Care for Whitening

It would help if you underwent an effective laser skin whitening treatment in Dubai without any doubt. Laser Skin Care is the widely used procedure to even out your skin tone. This technique is the quickest as well as the safest clinical approach. This procedure works for almost all skin tones.

Prevention Measures to Keep Lighter Skin Tone

Getting a fair complexion and even skin tone is not very difficult, but maintaining it can be very, really difficult. Here are some preventive measures to practice every day

  • Always wear sunscreen.
  • Cleanse and moisturize the skin on a daily basis.
  • Drink the recommended amount of water based on environmental conditions.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Maintain healthy skin hygiene.

Final Verdict

You cannot lighten your skin in one day; even the clinical remedies mentioned above take time to heal your skin. If you want an even or lighter skin tone naturally, you need to be very consistent with any medication you choose, as all of them can work wonders for your skin.

Remember that skin color cannot decide if you are beautiful or not. Don’t overthink about it, and maintain healthy skin hygiene. If you are still unsure about it, then consult a dermatologist right away and talk to him about your skin tone.