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Vegetal Beard Color for Men

Akash kumar


Vegetal Beard Color

Are you ready to color your beard with the best natural beard color in India? Then grab the Vegetal Beard Color today

Beard is the signature of people with royal lineage. Though, in modern times beard has got different new avatars with a variety of shapes, lengths and colors. It is a significant thing to know that a beard can add more magnetism to your persona only when you take good care of it. Now the question arises how would you do it? It seems easy because the market is loaded with a heap of beard care products including beard oils, beard serums, washes, beard colors etc. But picking the right product for your beard is the thing which matters the most.

We love the color of our beard whether it is black, salt and pepper type, or customized brown. Although, we prefer to maintain our cheerful beard color by covering the greys. Now, a question would be wobbling in your mind about where would you get the most effective and safe color for a beard? The answer to this question is so easy because the Vegetal beard color can provide natural nourishment and color to your beard without affecting its natural thickness and shine.

Know the significant differences between BEARD DYE and BEARD COLOR

It may be permanent or semi-permanentIt doesn’t stain the skin or hair
It can be the reason for allergic reactions and stains on the skin (due to application)Adds more volume to beard hair to make the beard look denser
Messy application and time-consumingEasier and faster application with long-lasting effects
May look unrealisticProvides an amazing and realistic look to the beard

Is using Hair dye/color for our beard a sensible option?

The hair dye can be used on the beard but it is not a sensible option. It is because facial skin is more sensitive than our scalp. Therefore, it is always better to be extra attentive while applying hair dye to the beard. You can go for the Vegetal beard color if you want to nourish your beard with a chemical-free beard color.

Why is Vegetal Beard Color the best beard color in India?

The Vegetal Beard Color is 100% natural and made from ECOCERT certified organic ingredients such as Shikakai, Indigo, Brahmi, and Manjistha. It provides maximum coverage to your beard hair. The Vegetal Beard Color is 100% free from toxic chemicals like Ammonia, PPD, Paraben, and Peroxide.

In addition to the natural nourishment, this beard color also provides complete protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. It also protects beard and mustache hair from dust, dirt, and other external pollution.

Let’s look at the benefits of its natural ingredients-


  • It is highly effective for scalp ailments.
  • It also helps in growing the hair faster and healthier.
  • It gives natural strength and growth to the beard and mustache hair.


  • It protects the beard and mustache hair from premature greying.
  • It also empowers the growth of new hair.
  • It also helps restrict the dandruff formation
  • Provides the natural conditioning to beard hair and mustache


  • Brahmi is the natural healer of overall hair condition.
  • It improves the quality of beard hair
  • Cleanses the skin underneath


  • Manjistha helps in reducing the pace of hair-greying
  • Improves the natural color of beard hair
  • Helps in restricting excessive dryness and hair fall

0% Ammonia, 0% Peroxide, 0% PPD

The Vegetal Beard Color is 100% free from toxic chemicals. It has natural ingredients that are highly productive and safe to use. This beard color is an environment-friendly product that makes your beard and mustache look stunningly colorful.

Absolute Protection to beard from harmful UV Rays

Vegetal Beard Color protects the beard and mustache hair from harmful UV radiation. Get ready to face the sun with the conviction of natural care of this beard color rather than avoiding the sun. It protects the beard and mustache hair from getting dry and frizzy. It protects the beard and mustache hair from getting dry and frizzy.

Exclusively Hypoallergenic

You should go for our natural ingredient based Vegetal Beard Color if you are subject to any skin (scalp) allergies and witnessed any allergic reaction previously. This beard color is completely Hypoallergenic due to 0% Ammonia, 0% Peroxide and 0% PPD, which prevents allergic reactions and treats sensitive hair and skin types exceedingly well.

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

 It is human or animal, every life is important to us. This is why we never test any of our products on animals. We are one of those entities which never test its products on animals. We would proudly like to mention that we make 100% vegan and cruelty-free products for the absolute care of your hair, skin and body.

INDIGO 60%, MEHNDI 18%, KHAR 2%, MANJISTHA 6%, COFFEE 3%, SHIKAKAI 3%, AMLA 2%, BHANGRA 1%, BRAHMI 1%. This is the blend of natural ingredients we use in this beard color.

What are the Dos and Don’ts for choosing a beard color?

  • Do thorough research before choosing any product especially when it is a matter of your beard hair
  • Don’t choose chemical-based products as they may affect the natural charm and feel of your beard
  • Do look at your skin tone before preferring any beard color. Make sure it suits well to your skin tone
  • Don’t over color your beard as it may affect the natural look and feel of the beard

Your beard is as special as you are. Therefore, keep it naturally colorful with 100% natural Vegetal Beard Color…the colorful companion of your beard.