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Understand android application development in 2022

jordan hara


A study that analyzes the Android market has estimated that there should be over two billion active devices by 2021. This makes Google’s operating system one of the company’s most important assets. If you’re interested in learning more about this platform, here are some tips on how to become an Android Developer in 2017 .

What is it? Is it another language?

Android best known as a mobile operating system developed by Google for smart phones and tablets , but not only, since it is possible to install it even on TV boxes or other devices usually have no touchscreens.

The word “android” comes from Greek and means humanlike being , although the first uses of this term referred to robots intelligent beings who can resemble humans. This is why when you install an application in your device, it will ask if you want to accept the message “This program was made by human beings , for human use.”

The operating system has its own development environment with all the tools needed to write applications and run them in devices. The app must be written in Java based on Dalvik virtual machine, although compilers allow code in C / C ++ . Google’s SDK (software development kit) contains all the necessary libraries and APIs (application programming interface), samples of source codes, documentation, etc., so that developers can start developing immediately after installing Android Studio. All this makes Android quite simple platform for application development compared to others like iOS or Windows Phone.

For now …

There are two main types of applications in Android devices : native apps and web applications. The first group is written from scratch by programmers specifically for this operating system, while the second make use of HTML5 code on a WebView component to display data on an application. In some cases, you can also find hybrid apps that mix both approaches .

In addition to providing tools for developers, Google’s work has been focused on promoting their platform , giving presentations and conferences around the world that help increase awareness among companies about what opportunities exist with Android apps. According to an official report , there are more than one million registered developers who have published 850 thousand active applications in Play Store . This team has also launched a very interesting project called Udacity course which aims to provide an introduction to developing apps for Android, and another initiative that aims to improve security problems with some famous malicious exploit kits.

This shows that Google is very focused on promoting its platform, especially after the acquisition of Motorola Mobility a few years ago , a subsidiary which was responsible for releasing first generation of devices running Android. If this company will release a new phone in the future , it is likely that it will be based on this system as well as other vendors who have been betting on it from the outset . In fact , several manufacturers have released updates to their latest models with some improvements related to software as always happens when Google releases new version of the OS .

What does this mean for you?

In short, if you want to become Android Developer, your future looks quite bright. A short time ago there were practically no schools or courses about this platform , but now some educational institutions have even created specializations focused on training . If you do not want to go through a career path and going directly going to find work as a freelancer is also possible although probably more difficult.

This means that if you want to invest in the mobile market , it is best to bet on Android because of its wide popularity thanks to the great success of Google’s devices . Now that Windows Phone has been left behind by other platforms, iOS remains very popular only in Apple’s ecosystem reaching from iPhone up to MacBooks . In addition, BlackBerry continues to lose with its operating system which still does not have many applications .

As you can see , the future of Android Developers looks very good right now. A recent report by Gartner says that this year will be a great time for those who want to invest in this platform because it will reach 81 million devices sold, representing 26% of all smartphone shipments worldwide. Of course, iOS will continue to dominate with over half of the market share but with less than 100 million devices are sold , which does not make Android Applications Developer redundant or anything like that . The truth is that there are opportunities on both sides with at least two big ecosystems where these professionals can work and develop their projects.

There’s more …

If you really want to start giving shape to your ideas without having any programming experience I recommend you check out this Guide To Building An App Without Coding. There are more opportunities than ever before to get your ideas off the ground, you just need some inspiration and dedication.

The Android Developer Paths that came out of Google IO 2014 were full of information about new tools that may prove useful in the near future . One of them is called Android Auto which will be presented at next year’s conference , while some others like Android TV may become available later on . What we do know at the moment is about improvements in security with Verify Apps But keep an eye on these updates because there could be news coming soon . We must not lose sight of updates for both current devices powered by Jelly Bean or KitKat version 4.4 with some interesting characteristics that will make us want to have them as soon as possible .

In addition , it is likely that the next preview of Android L Developer Preview be released this week during Google I / O 2014 although there could be a delay by a few weeks for those who seek support to older devices. We hope you found it useful and now start taking action!