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Top Tips to Remotely Access QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular software for accounting and finance. If you wish to access QuickBooks remotely, read the blog for QuickBooks remote access.

Alex Poter


Remotely Access QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most famous accounting and finance management software among experts and businesses. This software is packed with a lot of features that serve the unique accounting needs of different users. Further, it adds more to its worth with a basic UI to make bookkeeping more straightforward for even not-really accounting-savvy users.

Therefore, QuickBooks orders over half of the accounting market for small and mid-sized businesses in the USA. Indeed, even with such countless excellencies, there are sure things that one can view as lacking with QuickBooks. 

One of these can be getting to QuickBooks files remotely. With businesses going worldwide and a larger piece of the workforce willing to work from their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest to get to Access QuickBooks remotely is developing. Notwithstanding, this component doesn’t fall into place easily with QuickBooks Desktop. 

Intuit supported ways to access QuickBooks Remotely 

1. Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud

Intuit empowers approved hosting of QuickBooks Desktop on third-party servers. QuickBooks can undoubtedly be gotten to by validated clients from any place over the web when installed on the servers of the hosting provider.

QuickBooks facilitates all the desktop version’s elements and offers the specific UI. Thus, it is more straightforward for the users to adjust to the cloud environment. Additionally, the users have the option to use the device of their choice ie; desktop, smartphone, laptop, and others.

2. QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Online is an answer from Intuit that works totally on the cloud. You can access QuickBooks remotely from any web device anytime and start working on your accounting tasks. The quantity of users who team up over it will rely upon the plan you pick.

QuickBooks Online likewise protects data from unauthorized users, viruses and malware assaults, unplanned data misfortune, and so on, by offering different safety efforts and putting away data in remote servers.

3. Using QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

QuickBooks Remote Access tool can associate with the remote machine on which the QuickBooks desktop is installed. It can perform basic tasks such as copying files between local and remote computers, printing files on the remote server using the local printer, accessing QuickBooks data folders and files remotely, etc.

This software deals with the Cisco WebEx tool that upholds online meetings and communication services. QuickBooks Remote Access is an add-on for QuickBooks accounting software, available in two versions ie; QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access. You can buy the tool straightforwardly from the Intuits site.


Accounting activities consistently require a security check as everything around us is now digital. In the event that you are going with solutions, such as QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Hosting, the security is 100% dependable. 

Intuit-approved commercial hosts are screened to guarantee that client’s data is safe. Most of the providers offer 256-bit encryption. The encryption level with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Remote Access tool is pretty much something very similar. 

Likewise, trustworthy QuickBooks hosting providers offer various firewalls, the most recent antivirus and antimalware, data recovery, AI data monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system, normal help, and outstanding QuickBooks customer service, and more.