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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

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Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

From the hustle and bustle of daily life, a getaway is a necessity. Your mind and body need to be calm from the burden of daily activities. For this reason, you must plan a tour of a place close to nature. Such tours will let you feel fresh and release all your tensions.

For planning a tour of a place that is close to nature, Costa Rica is the best choice. It’s a rugged rain-forested Central American Country with coastlines on the Pacific.

Reasons to visit Costa Rica  

Costa Rica is the best place for diving fanatics. The place is well known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Half of the area of this place is covered with protected jungle. You will feel nature more closely. Here are some reasons why you should visit this place.

1. The people

You will find the happiest people in the world in Costa Rica. The people are so friendly, loving, and relaxed. The main reason for their nature may be their pure lifestyle. They are open-hearted and host every tourist with love and care. Most people say that the people are so open-minded and open-hearted that they never even think to open the doors for travelers and tourists.

It’s possible that if you are a friend of those people, then they will try their best to make your tour full of adventures.

2. The forests

If you love nature and want to spend some quality time close to nature, then there is no best place except Costa Rica. The forests are so deep and refreshing, and it seems that they just came from the Jurassic Park movie with their long hanging branches, giant leaves, and fresh atmosphere.

This place contains both rainforest and cloud forest. You can have a hike in them and feel the glory of nature. There are no harmful creatures, and you can have a safe tour. Just make sure to have a map with you and explore a peaceful, well-traveled, and well-maintained place.

3. The Beaches

Costa Rica is a hot spot for World’s most stunning beaches. The view is so real and natural that it catches the eye of everyone. Some beaches seem to come directly from the view of a painting.

The best beach in Costa Rica is the beach of the Pacific Coast. But you can also visit Caribbean beaches. These beaches are also so close that you can go from one to another in some hours. Both beaches are most appealing and have so much to offer.

Both beaches are unique in their beauty. The Pacific side has waters washed up with palm trees, white sand, and peaceful and exciting adventures. The scenes are worth seeing.

These beaches are famous for their unique and classy cultures and cuisines like coconut-milk-based beans and rice. Also, the reggae music is outstanding.

4. The Rivers

Costa Rica is well known for its white water, rushing, and exuberant rivers. These rivers appeal to the visitors to dip their paddles in their cool and refreshing water. Some rivers are deep that provide an exciting experience of boating, while some are shallow enough that you pass them on foot. Swimming and hanging out by the river is the most common activity for all visitors and locals.

5. The Weather

Costa Rica is blessed with almost perfect weather year-round. It is gifted with a warm temperature, plenty of Sun, and refreshing rain showers.

From December to May, the weather remains dry with no rain showers and appeals to most of the visitors to enjoy the dazzling sun.

May to November is the rainy season. Rain comes with thundering showers and looks so adorable and cool. People, who love rain, come to visit in these seasons.

You will surely have a most exciting and refreshing trip in which you will explore the secrets of nature. The place is so peaceful and appealing and inspires all tourists of every age. You can book your tours at at a cost-effective price. You can also shop your designer travel bags affordably using SSENSE Coupons. Enjoy your voyage!