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Things To Consider Before Choosing a PG

Barkha Tyagi


Consider Before Choosing a PG

When you choose PG accommodation you need to do some research to check-in into the right PG. Here are some things you must check before finalizing on one.

1. Availability of Food

Most stays who head for a PG may prefer for food provided by the PG. You may want to know the menu beforehand. You may also wish to opt for a PG that serves only vegetarian food. Before settling in, do get to understand breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings and whether the PG offers a provision of packing the breakfast/lunch straight to your college/office if you so wish. You may also want to discuss if there is an option of letting go of any of the meals, in exchange for a little concession.

2. Housekeeping

Insist on daily housekeeping services. Most PGs are keen to do so but ultimately, you will be the one living in the room. So, make sure there is some help that you get on that front.

3. Sharing the washroom

You might have opted for a double-sharing PG but the washrooms may be shared by everyone in the PG. Does that make you uncomfortable? Make sure you check the arrangement before you pay the owner and prepare to settle in.

4. Facilities

Fixed TV timings, no visitors, no non-vegetarian food, no drinking or smoking, rules in the breakout room, and more – know the rules of the house before you set your foot in. If it irks you, you would probably want to look for another PG.

5. Availability of Public Transport

Now that you are all set to live independently, you have to depend on your own vehicle or public transport to commute. Given that most students prefer a PG close to their college, it is a given that they wish to keep their spend on commute at the minimum. Therefore, check for transport facilities – shared or otherwise in the area. If the frequency isn’t appreciable, you will have to spend much more on your transport than what you would have calculated.