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The Unique Approach for Choosing Business Folders

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Choosing Business Folders

Businesses, big and small, use presentation folders all over the world. They are a great tool to stay organised but their primary use is in the marketing sector. Folder printing units are coming out with several new varieties of folders for you.

Depending on the company or business, the folder shape and design must be different. You cannot use a folder that is bright and colorful with intricate artwork for a corporate company. Similarly, a black and plain folder will give a wrong impression about your art studio.

Before you decide to get a new folder or upgrade the existing one, there are a few things you must look into. These include the latest trends in presentation folder printing. Nobody wants to see a plain traditional folder with a bunch of printed material.

History of Presentation Folders

For a long time, people called presentation folders corporate folders. This was because smaller business owners thought folders are only useful to corporate companies and their personnel. But as time went by, many medium and small businesses realized the potential of using a personalised presentation folder.

 A traditional folder was easy to get printed. It would have a plain design, very limited artwork and poor color choice. The most customisation they had was maybe the company logo on the front cover. Most of them were standard A4 presentation folders which were rectangular in size.

Custom Folders

But then as time passed the printing materials also got updated. Apart from data-rich reports and case studies, people started printing out flyers and brochures in bulk. With improvements in the marketing world, there was a bulk of printed documents in use. This rise in promotional material meant that the traditional folder needed some much-wanted upgrades.

Since then, there have been many changes happening in the folder printing industry. With the introduction of these new materials, people wanted a custom presentation folder. Many business owners started thinking out of the box. The traditional A4 folders had some competition from new folder formats and templates. For instance, smaller businesses like restaurants began using the A5 presentation folder for advertising limited-time offers.

These A5 folders were very suitable for smaller marketing campaigns. Even though these are small, the increased durability and ease of transportation made them an instant hit.

Marketing Tool

Personalised folder printing can help you make a unique identity among the target audience. Two key factors that build the familiarity of a business are its name and logo. Just like in the products, a presentation folder will also have a logo and company name on the front cover.

Whenever someone picks them up and carries them around, they are indirectly marketing your brand. But the task at hand is to make someone pick it up. That is where custom presentation folders play a major role.

Customisation is Key

Personalised A4 folders are the most commonly used in most places. These are easy to print since they carry documents printed in the popular paper size. Since these are of standard size, you can add a lot of information to these types of folders. But every folder, be it A4 or A5 folders, has a limited capacity which depends on the number of papers it can carry.

If the amount exceeds this capacity, then there the folder may break or fold. This will make you look unprofessional in front of your target audience. The solution for this is to print on thicker folder stock. Ultimately, the size and capacity of the presentation folder depend on what you are using it for.

Custom presentation folders come in many shapes other than the standard rectangle. Even if they are rectangular, the landscape folders are a variety usually used in photography-related companies. These are better and will add a certain feel to the photos placed inside them.

As you saw earlier, the design of the folder entirely depends on the business it represents. The color coding phase forms a major share of the designing process. There are options for you to add custom artwork that goes well with the layout of the folder. In the case of most customised folders, “Less is More” might be the way to go. These are good for businesses revolving around finance, health, and technology.

For businesses that are related to art and creativity, you might want to add some extras. The colors can be bright to attract more people. You can even choose a color-coding that complements the promotional brochures or flyers inside. This will help the reader to take in the information seamlessly. In these cases, you can even experiment with different shapes and layouts as well.


If you are a business owner, then you want to consult with your marketing section first. They are the people who are fully aware of what the folder is going to carry. The printed materials depend on the present and future promotional campaigns.

Since they will be in charge of the printed material, you can get insights into the size and color you need for your personalised presentation folder. Just remember that the aesthetic of the folder is as important as the content in it.

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