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The Trend of Using Herbal Medicines for Cholesterol and Benefits

Ken Loftin


Herbal Medicines for Cholesterol

Uses of herbal medicines for treatment is one of the oldest arts humans know to this day. With the passage of time, this art has been improving and giving the best results in many fields. One of the most life-threatening health conditions and disease-causing phenomena is bad cholesterol levels. This health condition is the root and starting for the worst cardiovascular diseases. And to control them in a better way, you can use herbal medicines for cholesterol. Not only that they offer one of the best results in this, but there is a big plus of scarce side effects. You can research this topic, but we have made this research super easy with this article. Read it and be happy with the herbal options for cholesterol which are trending.

1: Astragalus, a Herbal Medicine for Cholesterol:

Astragalus is an excellent use for high harmful cholesterol levels in the blood that works in an effective way. This herb has been working for a long time with results for people with high cholesterol levels. Chinese experts did research on this herb that proved it to be helpful for heart diseases symptoms. This cholesterol treatment can help by allowing help in:

  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Relieving heart issues symptoms
  • Improving heart functions

Helping in these ways can really slow down the process of heart diseases development. It can also allow for better heart conditions that every ageing person needs desperately. You can read more about some other herbs that can really relieve heart diseases symptoms.

2: Garlic

Using Garlic has always been a trend. It offers a lot of different herbal and home remedies that work with unmatched results. It can help with heart issues and has been a trend for people who prefer herbal solutions for a long time. Some of the uses of Garlic involve:

  • Better immune system
  • Reduces blood clotting
  • Helps through antioxidant properties in several health issues

One of the benefits of Garlic is the lowering capability that can help you with cardiovascular issues. High blood pressure can cause several cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and heart failure. These issues double up when they come with cholesterol levels. Therefore, you should get them out of the way for the best possible heart health. Garlic can do that for you.

Moreover, it has antioxidant properties that can help in several other diseases. You can use this stunning gift of God by using it in the cooked food. This includes the cholesterol issue that can be restricted to minimal damage with Garlic use. So, calling Garlic a perfect herbal medicine for cholesterol will be nothing less than the truth.

3: Green Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves used for weight loss can help treat high cholesterol as well. This unique herbal product has one of the best cholesterol-lowering components for reducing cholesterol. The name of this component is polyphenols, a natural way that helps lower bad cholesterol. Not only this, but it helps bring the good cholesterol or HDL high. Therefore, you can use this one of the best natural cholesterol reducers for better heart health. The simplest way to use this herb is to use its leaves as tea.

4: Clove

Clove is a herb that can help you keep cholesterol levels low with if a part of it, the flower bud is used. It’s an aromatic flower bud that contains a pungent smell almost every Pakistani kitchen has. You can use this part of the herb to keep your heart health to its best. This part of clove is used in cooking recipes that can help keep your health good. 

5: Oregano

Oregano is a herb that many chefs use in their dishes and recipes. The oil of this widely used herb has shown effective results in bringing cholesterol levels down. According to a study done on the effects of Oregano Oil, it offers a significant reduction in LDL. As you might know, LDL is the bad cholesterol that harms cardiovascular health Oregano Oil is helpful. To use this herbal medicine, you can use it in decent quantities after every meal. It can prove to be one of the perfect herbal medicines for cholesterol. 

6: Thyme

As you have read earlier in the same article that lowering blood pressure can benefit your cardiovascular health, Thyme can do that for you. Lowering your blood pressure will get you better heart health that can fight the causes of heart attacks. Similarly, you can keep the chances of heart failure down and less. Consult your Hakeem for the best ways of using it for cholesterol and heart health.

7: Turmeric

We all know Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that we have been using for centuries for different purposes. But did you know it can help high harmful cholesterol levels as well? There was a study done on rabbits, and this study showed terrific results for cholesterol cutting properties. The rabbits used in this study were given a high-fat diet with Turmeric that showed a reduction in positive effects on LDL levels. Moreover, Turmeric showed a decrease in triglycerides levels that can help keep the heart healthy. So, if you are looking for herbal medicines for Cholesterol, Turmeric is an excellent option for you. 

8: Some other Remedies to Consider

Apart from herbal medicines, there are other remedies that help you keep your heart health in check. The best option riched in them is pretty effective and has the best results for this purpose. This option is:

Fish-based Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fatty acids can keep your heart healthy, which means that they should be used to prevent heart issues. One of the richest foods in Omega-3 fatty acids is Fish oil. The primary source of fish oil is consuming fish meat, especially the fish that contain it more. Other ways include taking supplements of Omega-3 fatty acids that can help too.

  • Honey

If you are looking to avoid cholesterol medication and moving easier ways, you should be considering honey. Honey, the natural sweet syrup, has to reduce up to 6 percent of bad cholesterol levels. Honey also has antioxidant properties and can help in other problems like cough, sexual health issues and others. Honey has been a trend for long

  • Amla

For the purpose of reducing cholesterol levels, you can consume one to two Amla fruits. It can help significantly in this regard. Moreover, the antioxidant properties of Amla can help in keeping blood vessels elastic. Some other components of Amla include amino acids that too can help in heart health.

  • Coriander Seeds

Just like other cholesterol home remedies, Coriander seeds too help keep the bad cholesterol level low. This home remedy has diuretic properties that cause more urination production. As this property lowers the blood pressure, your heart issues can be reduced by it. You can use them to reduce the cholesterol level as this extra production can increase the expulsion of cholesterol from the body.


There is a complete list of Unani medicines that can treat cholesterol issues and do not cause side effects. To use these medicines, you can consult an Unani physician or a Hakeem. In addition, there are many specialized medicines for the purpose of keeping cholesterol levels normal. Some of them made by Ajmal Dawakhana Pakistan are among the best to use. You can buy these medicines through their online store that offers herbal medicines for other purposes as well.

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