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Seven Amazing Facts of Moonstone

Magalena Campbell


Moonstone Jewelry

The beauty of Moonstone is not only covered in the blues but the wide array of colors that will leave a substantial impact on the minds of the wearer. The colors vary in blue, yellow, pink, peach, cream, and gray. Moreover, the striking bluish shades and other tones of moonstone display radiance from every angle. 

Moonstone is believed to address the ailments of an individual with ease. Some well-known areas include: 

  • Calming stress hormones 
  • Inspires passion and creativity 
  • Works on emotionally weak individuals 
  • Acts as a positive tool for negative thinkers 
  • Provides sound sleep when worn in jewelry 
  • Relax the muscles and soothes the mind 
  • Promotes well being in all stages of life 
  • Enhance the acceptance and confidence 
  • Increase intuitive skills 

One of the most interesting facts is the moonstone healing properties. The intense vibrations ensure the well-being of an individual along with other health problems. Therefore, it’s better to either wear this stone or keep it near the mattress. Also, it is a highly blessed gem for the third anniversary of married couples. 

Some renowned astrologers say that it’s beneficial to wear this gemstone on specific days. Especially during full moon night to maximize the chances of spiritual and emotional healing. Even experts emphasize wearing a moonstone ring on a small finger to gain strength and wealth in the most desirable way. Having said that, it’s even better to combine your ring in sterling silver to ensure protection and appearance at the same time. The hardness of Moonstone comes 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it a perfect gem for jewelry lovers. Moonstone requires charging, and since it’s a vital source of feminine energies, which ensures longevity in women’s health. 

Moonstone has a wide reach to almost every country and has been predominantly mined in Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. However, the best rainbow moonstone is found in India. At the same time, the other countries contribute white color stones in abundance. Even the most common blue Moonstone is mined in Bihar. 

Genuine Moonstone jewelry has feminine powers, which improve the female ailments and provides strength in critical situations. As a result, it works best on some common female problems includes. 

  • Pain and bloating during period cycle 
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) cramps 
  • Facilitate easy pregnancy and birth 
  • Best aid for PCOS/ PCOD problem 

The Moonstone has got a massive relevance in ayurvedic terms. And even Ayurveda believes in the moonstone magical properties to heal anxiety and mental health issues. It brings fortune and provides the ultimate peace to the wearer. This gemstone has metaphysical attributes that can build a spiritual connection of humans with the almighty. 

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