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How Will AI Change The Face Of Digital Marketing?

Jason Carl


AI in Digital Marketing

As we speak of artificial intelligence, many people may think of it as some science fiction where the human race gets hijacked by AI.

The truth is, AI is the latest marketing strategy that’s almost taken over the entire industry like a storm.

In today’s world, the majority of brands are found dependent on AI mechanisms to carry forward their marketing strategies.

AI in marketing could be termed as the finest innovation of time. Though the internet has already revolutionized the entire marketing methodologies, AI seems to bring innovation to the existing digital marketing trends.

It can store insightful data, analyze it from depth, and devise useful information that helps to learn consumer behavior a lot closer.

The best part about AI is that it has no limitations, and with incredible accuracy and speed, it has become the most competitive technology across the globe.

Though AI is still in the phase of initial growth, it’s enhancing every day. Considering the incredible growth of artificial intelligence, most large-scale and even small and medium scale companies tend to focus on tech.

They’re all experimenting by integrating AI into their digital marketing strategies and are definitely succeeding. It can provide incredibly useful data insights, which is majorly helping brands better penetrate into their targeted markets.

In addition to that, AI seems to become a part of even the simplest daily-use equipment such as Apple’s Siri, Google, Tesla’s auto-driver, and so on. So it looks like AI is meant to take over most areas of our lives very soon.

How Are AI and Digital Marketing Connected?

While AI is taking over most industries from across the globe, digital marketing tends to be the most impacted one. 

Here is why.

Digital marketing is a means of placing your products and services at the forefront of your consumers. The more you do that in alignment with your consumers’ interests, the better would be the outcomes.

Well, AI in marketing can help you do that just right. It can capture your consumer’s data insights, analyze them efficiently, and help you take a close look at your consumer’s preferences and buying behavior. With such close insight into consumer data and behavior, brands can formulate marketing strategies that match consumers’ requirements the best.

AI is impacting all areas of marketing search engine optimization professional services, social media marketing and even design and development of websites, products and services.

They can even enhance their products and services based on the information. It can surely make consumers’ experience a lot more incredible and hassle-free!

Top AI Trends to Make an Impact on Digital Marketing In 2021

Let’s take a look at how the top AI trends are going to make an impact on digital marketing in 2021!

Increased Voice Searches 

Voice searches tend to be increasing at a major pace this year. This is because virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa have enhanced a lot over the years. They’ve actually taken over most consumers with search accuracy and easier usage – turning them towards voice searching more than ever.

The number suggests that an estimated 60% of the total business searches have transformed into speech. Half of the daily routine searches were through voice in the year 2020. And this year, the set record is expected to be replicated, with 50% of the searches being voice-based.

This is no magic but the efforts and hard work of programmers over the years. They’ve worked endlessly to develop such critical ML algorithms that are capable of understanding human voice.

If you’ve used Google’s voice search around ten years ago, you must know how underdeveloped it was. Today, Google algorithms have evolved so much – competing at 96% accuracy levels.

The fact is, people are becoming used to a much easier lifestyle with the rise in technological advancements.

Though voice-searching is quite a basic thing, it is impacting digital marketing strategies in a significant manner. Businesses have to come up with an altered strategy for content marketing and search engine optimization.

In addition, they are forced to enhance their campaigns to better connect with their consumers.

Automated Chatbots 

A noticeable growth has been witnessed in the use of automated chatbots recently. They have become a common means of instant communication for businesses. It’s easier for a chatbot to respond instantly to the queries of potential clients.

The AI incorporated into Amazon, i.e., Alexa, has already made it easier for customers to shop online. Virtual assistants like these are becoming popular among brands, and they’re super comfortable for both buyers and sellers.

A 2016 global survey reports that an estimated 86% of the total population from Germany, the US, the UK, and Latin America, collectively supports the self-learning AI systems.

Also, 65% of the total consumers tend to interact with an AI tool already. Most giant companies have already picked the trend, and others are working hard to develop automated chatbot technology. Thus, the future seems a lot brighter.

These automated chatbots aren’t just enhancing the consumer’s buying experience, but they’re also benefiting business in multiple ways. A few of them includes –

  • Unlike traditional customer service representatives, automated chatbots can resolve your customers’ queries 24/7.
  • They can save you a lot of the budget that you may have to spend on hiring resources otherwise. 
  • Automated chatbots are tireless and error-free. They incredibly minimize the chances of error.
  • Chatbots are 100% free of emotions and automated. So, they ensure incredible customer satisfaction.
  • With the rightful integration of self-learning programs, AI chatbots are way faster than an employee.

Maximized Demand for AR & VR

Augmented and virtual reality is becoming popular in the gaming industry. Popular games like Xbox and Pokémon Go have a fair share of AI technology in their building, and so, you can see that gaming is being heavily influenced by it.

It is expected that the use of AI would eventually maximize in the gaming industry. It is soon to play a significant role in marketing and brand learning.

To connect that with digital marketing, the maximized demand for AR and VR is likely to help develop more efficient mediums of connection with customers. It will help to redefine user experience at best and in building next-level brand identities.

AI In Marketing Is Giving a New Landscape to Digital & Brands Shall Adapt To It Quickly

The above information sure makes it evident how significantly AI is impacting digital marketing. There is no doubt that AI is devising significant consumer data insights. Also, it’s helping brands provide consumers with relevant ad recommendations, and a lot more.

With all these amazing benefits of AI, an ideal option for every growing business is to invest in this technology.

Though the top trends of AI to impact digital marketing this year seem usual, they’ve got the best potential inside. You can only discover their potential by experimenting with AI in marketing.

Be it voice searching, automated chatbots, or the VR/AR trend, they all have significant potential to influence your digital marketing strategies. Consumers across the globe have adapted these tech advances so closely that ignoring them could only result in the downfall of your brand.

The best option is to stress upon your efforts for the AI integration into your digital marketing strategies.

And if you haven’t started yet, it’s the right time to get on your toes. Integrate AI into every digital strategy you plan and ensure making the most of this amazing technology in the upcoming year.