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How to Incline Your Children to Praying (Salah)

Ken Loftin


Incline Your Children to Praying

Salah or Islamic pray is a sort of remembrance of Allah that allows us, Muslims, to be better as humans. The importance of Salah or prayer is hidden from no Muslim as it is mentioned in The Quran more than 700 times. If you want to incline your children to Praying, there are several things you can add to their routine. You’ll read about the ones with the best results and better practicalities. Some of them are super easy and can boost your child’s character to be a better prayer offering person. So, you’ll love these routine habits that can incline your children’s attitude towards praying more often.

How important it is to incline your Children to Praying:

Having a kids prayer mat is cute as a product. Any Muslim living in any country of the world would love their children to pray. It is one of the most essential pillars of Islam, and Salah or prayer is ordered in the Quran and Ahadiiz. You’ll read some of the most critical points that can help keep a child a better Muslim and human being. These points involve Salah that can print its effects on a child’s mind for the rest of their lives. There are some of them, like:

  • A Praying Child Can Become A Better Human being: The Holy Quran tells us that Praying stops us from the restricted acts. This is true in many cases, and therefore praying helps keep our children’s attitude better towards others. To top that up, the children who pray are more likely to have a positive attitude towards life. This attitude can help them grow in life and keep them from depression and other mental issues. 
  • Stronger Beliefs:

Muslim children must understand the importance of having belief in Allah and other basic concepts. The process of having these beliefs can be more rapid through praying. Therefore, you must make your children more inclined to praying.

The Ways to Incline your Children to Salah

You can read some of the best ways to incline your children to praying, like:

  • Show them Mosques Frequently

Showing mosques to your children can really help them absorb the norms and culture of Islam. You can show mosques to your children on T.V and Cell phones. Although you do not need to do that at a very young age, you can do it when they are around 6 or 7. The fantastic environment, the praying in Kaba and Madina mosque and the tranquillity of it can help your child. These things can give them the best image and concepts of Islam. Therefore, do not forget to show the biggest, most beautiful and important mosques of the Islamic world.

  • Prayer mats for kids

One of the most effective ways to incline your children to praying is by buying Prayer mats for your kids. These small, cute, and beautiful praying mats can attract them to praying frequently. Once they have these mats in their room, you can see them happy about being more Islamic. This will also make them better practising Muslims.

  • Take Them to Mosques (At least once a week)

Visiting mosques can fill the life of any Muslim with love for Allah. It’s a highly effective way for creating the condition of mind a child needs to be a regular Salah offering person. You do not need to take your young child to the mosque every five times a day. Instead, you can take him to pray on the Juma Salah. The environment of mosques will definitely give the child better consistency towards praying. Moreover, your child will learn how to pray in a more effective way and about other practices of Islam. 

  • Request them To Pray with You

Although some Muslim scholars allow even beaten children if they don’t pray. The best way to incline your children to Praying is by setting an example for them. This works the best way. And before you start telling them to pray, you must start praying in their presence. Then you can take the next step of requesting them to pray with you. The women can work in this regard as well, but Muslim men can prepare a Jamat. This type of practice can help in non-Muslim countries as well with super efficacy. Give them kids pray mat before you start the Islamic call to prayer, and allow them to stand behind you.

  • Reciting the Islamic Texts In front of them

 Making a child a better Muslim is one of the priorities of a Muslim couple and family. Therefore, you should read Islamic texts before your children to get them into the mood they need. The Quran is the finest piece of literature available on earth and has amazing verses that can give you goosebumps. Reading Islamic texts can allow your children to be highly loving towards Islam. This will eventually lead to more respect and inclination towards Islamic practices. Keep kids prayer mats with you to keep the praying habit with you all the time for your kids. You can use such stuff even when you are travelling.

  • Telling them about the Importance of Salah

Telling your child about Salah is nothing more than words unless you have used the above-mentioned methods. You can try telling them about the importance once you have used the above-mentioned ways to prepare them. Once your children are prepared mentally, they will not hesitate in praying at any place. They will be more confident as Muslims, and they will care about their fellow human being more. You can do other important things to make them better humans, but praying is the most significant way.

Browney Points

To improve the frequency and to incline your children to Praying, you can also:

  • Offer them things they love most for praying, as there is the importance of such gifts in Islam
  • Always allow them to play with you once they have an Islamic gift like a prayer mat for kids
  • Allow them to take their friends to the mosque for praying once they are old enough


No matter which area of the world you belong to, as Muslim parents, you wish that your kids pray. To ensure that is one of the most important duties of Muslim parents. You must have loved this article, so follow these ways and stay happy as parents.

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