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Electric Standing Desks Help Relieve Your Back Pain



Have you tried all that you can to reduce your back pain? Are you still troubled by it and ready to take it as a part of your life? If you have said yes to this, you are not alone. Many people try frequent massages, foam pillows, hot compress, but nothing has any effect. Irrespective of the efforts, if you are still feeling heavy pain in the shoulders, neck and lower back each time you sit, you are not the only one. Millions of professionals across the world have the same back problem which causes heavy discomfort or negatively impacts the productivity in your workspace. People realise it very late that one of the common causes for the pain is the amount of time they spend sitting. If you are a professional who remains seated at the desk for 8-9 hours every day, for five days a week, back pain will become a part of your life. Luckily, you will not have to stress about that when you use an electric standing desk.

The connection between back pain and posture

Many people do not understand the direct link between being seated and back pain. When you sit for long hours, it will compress the muscles inside the back, it also leads to bad posture that causes back pain. Additionally, sitting will strain the discs in your spine.

These issues start slowly but escalate with time and the more you find yourself sitting, the more back pain you will suffer from. A small change in your habits can make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing. It has a long-term benefit on your health and also comes with many psychological benefits. To get rid of the back pain and enhance your health, you need to get an electric standing desk. Here is how it will help with your back pain.

Muscle strain

There are times when back pain is due to the strain from muscle. When there is heavy pressure in the muscles, it happens because of the tension, strain or injury caused due to the lifting of a heavy object. You may not realise that sitting for long hours can cause muscle strain. When you sit for long hours, it will compress the muscles inside the lower back and weaken them. Sitting will decondition the back muscles and make them prone to injury.

Disc problems

Our spine has rubbery intervertebral discs located between your vertebrae in the spine and it is filled with liquid. The purpose of the disc is to allow you to move the spine with ease and also act as a shock absorber. When you sit for long hours, it can strain your muscles and will give pressure to the discs. At times, it can also cause the discs to rupture or slip. Sitting will compress the back and will force the vertebrae to touch and cause pain. Only a medical professional can solve the problem but the standing desk will reduce the problem and make it easier for you to sit and will help reduce the pain so you can focus on your work.

Inappropriate posture

Sitting down will not immediately lead to bad posture but the issue is that only a few workers actually have an ergonomic setup. The ergonomic workstation should tick a range of boxes like the top of the monitor should be at eye level, you must work without having to crane the neck and the arms should rest at a 90-degree angle. If you do not meet the conditions, your body will compensate. You will then start to slouch and hunch the shoulders. This will hurt your neck and work will become more stressful for you. Bad posture has become very common and it has a big impact in the long term. It will lead to back pain and inappropriate distribution of weight which will put more strain on the back and shoulders. With an electric standing desk, you will be able to enjoy the ergonomic workstation that will result in minimal pain and lead to high productivity.

Benefits of an electric standing desk

The problems mentioned above can become even worse by sitting. Even if you can reduce the time sitting down, you will see very few symptoms. But this is difficult to do when you are at work. In reality, most setups are not very conducive towards standing and this is where standing desks can help. If you want to invest in one, consider an electric desk. Here’s why.

  1. Enables customisation

When you have a basic standing desk, you will have to fiddle with its knobs and levers when you want to move from standing to sitting or customise the desk to accommodate your needs. It may work but it will be a lot of pain. On the other hand, an electric standing desk is a different story. You only need to press a button and you can switch between varying heights and find the height that allows you to reduce the back pain.

2.  Extras

The extras like monitor arms and desk cable trays can be built on any desk, there are some extras that only work with electric standing desks. Power sockets, USB ports and built-in electrical sockets are just some of the extras that come with an electric standing desk.

3.  Memory settings

This is not the sole reason to switch to an electric desk but it is a good reason. The desks come with memory settings that enable you to set the preferred height. The setting will also save your preferences for height, which means you can get immediately to work without worrying about adjusting the height and wasting your time optimising the height every time.

The desk is suitable for all industries and no matter your job title, you can use an electric standing desk to relieve back pain. It has powerful motors and is convenient to use for any task.

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