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Effectiveness Of Free Trade Zone In India

Free Trade Zone India

Free Trade Zone is an international trade concept that promotes and encourages global trade practices to enhance trade volume. It also improves relationships between nations and offers liberal benefits for improving the international trade economy. Our free trade warehousing zone benefits include duty deferment, tax benefits, better costs, and distribution medium. By re-exporting goods, our company empowers without burdening Indian customs and taxes on imported goods.

With an effective free trade zone in India, our clients can experience time and cost advantages and enable them with quicker and more effective value-added solutions such as repacking, re-labeling, kitting, and assembly to nonduty paid goods.

FTWZ, or Free trade warehousing zone, is an initiative by India’s government to improve India’s economy. With customized facilities, exports and imports to India are increasing and enhancing foreign trade and investment. With advanced equipment and setup, companies can trade transactions in easily convertible currency.

Advantages of Free Trade Zone

Here is a list of FTWZ or free trade warehousing zones that can benefit businesses by enabling faster regulatory clearance and menacing flexibility, visibility, and minimum working capital expenses. It empowers businesses with the strategic geographical position that lets our clients leverage India’s cost and skill set for profit gains.


Our clients can benefit from the practical solutions we offer through our complex supply chain expertise and manage to reduce competition from the biggest competitors in the market. We have the best free trade zone in India that can fulfill our clients’ expectations and enhance their business opportunities.

Fast Delivery

We offer companies the safest and fastest delivery with our Air and Ocean Freight. We take benefit of every innovation to improve our strategies and target goals customized to our client’s needs.

24/7 Support

Our team at OSV is passionate and highly skilled in handling every situation for our clients. Our team is dependable for many multinational companies around the globe and is responsible for supporting businesses when in need. We offer 24/7 support to maintain customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Excellent Free Trade Warehousing Zone

OSV is a one-stop solution for all export and import challenges. We encourage and support cross-border and international trade, and our team is skilled in providing customized solutions for all needs. OSV Free Trade Zones can help companies trade as they are available in Delhi NCR, Gujrat, Mumbai, and Chennai. We can effectively ease trade between nations and their import and export operations with years of experience.

OSV has experience working with 192 countries across the globe and is the perfect option for companies that focus on reliability. Our advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology in warehouse zones and inventory control are worth the hype. We have a strong network and relationships with retailers, distributors, merchants, and many importers and exporters globally.

Our branches in Delhi NCR, Gujrat, Mumbai, and Chennai are well connected by rail, road, air, and sea routes. We operate with the highest standard warehouse equipment and offer tailored solutions for our client’s problems to ensure customer satisfaction.

Operation of Free Trade Warehousing Zone

Operations in Special economic zones bring a lot of benefits for the companies. The government designed these free zones to boost trade and encourage international relations with more imports and exports. FTWZ is a well-organized infrastructure to ensure the economic growth of the country. These are storage units and various value-added activities according to the customs law. Companies can store their goods safely until release without any duty or tax implications.

Free Trade Zones are suitable for minimizing taxes and effectively maximizing cash flow for business growth. We offer the best free trade warehousing Zone, and our most advanced equipment can offer practical and intelligent solutions to our customers. With superior connectivity through railways, roadways, and airports, we have a standard working efficiency and stand out from our competitors. Our well-executed, tailored solutions are dependable for clients in over 190 countries worldwide.

Aim of Free Trade Zone

At OSV FTZ, we guarantee world-class equipment and an effective team for management, IT solutions, and meeting our client’s demands. We aim to provide 100 percent dedication to achieving our clients’ satisfaction by providing unmatched services at the best prices and practical support. We focus on making clients stand out in a competitive market with our comprehensive range of value optimization services for domestic and international logistics.

OSV has clients worldwide in over 192 countries and offers Freight Forwarding solutions and free trade warehousing zones for top industrial and distribution centers. Our schemes and strategies are valuable and profitable for all our clients.

Best Free Trade Zone Solutions With OnnSynex

Combining experience and deep warehousing industry knowledge, OnnSynex successfully delivers national and international logistics services to global leaders. Our international operations are well structured and executed, with tailored solutions for clients’ needs. We can effortlessly handle all sorts of cargo and freight goods quicker and safer than any other company.

Our end-to-end services make us stand out of the crowd, and with advanced equipment handling equipment, we deliver premium quality services with complete business transparency. We ensure on-time delivery with the fastest and most effective freight forwarding to maintain maximum customer satisfaction. Connect with our team to use our Free Trade Zone in India and experience the industry’s best logistics services.