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Drive Carefree Through Summer With These Must-have Hyundai Genuine Car Accessories

Juhi Goyal


Drive Carefree Through Summer With These Must-have Hyundai Genuine Car Accessories

Summers in India mean extreme temperatures and heatwaves. If you own a car, it is vital to safeguard your loved ones and other passengers along with your car interiors. Shop for Hyundai Genuine Car accessories and parts that ensure Mobis safety and complete car comfort even during extreme summers.


Shield your car from extreme heat and radiation with Hyundai Genuine Sunshades. They help reflect sunlight and prevent the interiors and components of the car, such as the seats and dashboard, from heating up.

Steering Wheel Covers

Protect your steering wheel from wear and tear, corrosion, and extreme temperature. Get a firm grip while driving with a high-quality Hyundai Genuine Steering Wheel Cover.

Seat Covers

Safeguard your car seat from extreme heat during summers with Hyundai Genuine Seat Covers. Their plush leather and smooth texture give your car interiors an extra edge while protecting your seat from heat, wear and tear. Choose from unique designs and enhance your car decor.

Body cover

Shop for Hyundai Genuine Car Cover from your nearest Dealer to protect your car from extreme heat, humidity, dust storms and heatwaves. Made of high-quality silver polyester, it prevents your car from rain, bird droppings, hails, etc

Car Fragrance

You need fresh air during your drives. Buy Hyundai Genuine Car Perfume available in various soothing fragrances from your nearest Dealer. What’s more, it’s spillage-free, non-melting and long-lasting.

Door Visors

Deflect hot winds and heatwaves with Hyundai Genuine Door Visors during your drives. Give your car an aesthetic appeal while safeguarding it from summer breeze, dirt, rain and pollution.

Engine Coolant

Protect your car parts from heating up during summers with Hyundai Genuine Engine Coolant. Our high-quality liquid circulates throughout the engine bay while maintaining the optimum operating temperature of the car and providing relief to car parts.

Air purifier

Scorching summers and heat waves can cause your car’s interior temperature to rise. Hyundai Genuine Air Purifier keeps the interior temperature in check and provides fresh air to the occupants.

Car air humidifier

Driving needs comfort and focus, especially in summers, and there is nothing better than a car air humidifier to ensure that. Hyundai Genuine humidifier converts hot air into a cool mist which is moist, thus preventing your skin, lips and nasal channels from getting dry and chappy.

Enjoy a relaxed drive during hot summers. Ensure Mobis Safety for you and your loved ones with our premium car decor and accessories range.