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Certified Organic Beard Serum

Narendra Kumar


Let Your Beard Enlarge Its Decorum With Certified Organic Beard Serum

Beard has gone far from a styling element, as it has become the signature of your captivating rugged look. A long and healthy beard is the new fashion statement for men. It is essential to take good care of your beard. Do you want to know why? Your beard is natural, and it deserves the peerless touch of natural ingredients. The AMAzing EARTH Beard Serum can nurture your beard with its absolute nourishment and care.

In addition to being a fashion statement, the beard can also provide numerous health benefits-

Beard and mustache act as a filter keeping allergens from entering the mouth and nose. This is how it protects you from infections and allergies. A serum for beard growth can be the cherry on top as it empowers the natural growth of the beard. The AMAzing EARTH Certified Organic Beard Serum can be a good pick to strengthen the natural growth and luster of your beard.

Beard makes the skin younger and smoother. If you shave almost daily, then you would know that cuts and blemishes are common for daily shavers. The beard can protect your skin and make it free from blemishes. You are stimulating the natural nourishment and growth of your beard When you use a serum for beard made from certified organic ingredients.

Your beard can protect you from illness. It may sound unrealistic, but it is a fact. Beard can be your saviour from illness that may be caused due to abrupt climatic changes. The beard acts as a natural insulator against the temperature outside, and keeps your neck and face warm. A serum for beard can make your beard denser naturally.

How can AMAzing EARTH Beard Serum help your beard?

  • The AMAzing EARTH beard serum promotes the growth of your beard and mustache. It is made from ECOCERT certified organic ingredients like Apricot, Grapeseed, Argan Oil, and Olive oil extracts.
  • Its non-sticky formula provides an extra smooth touch.
  • It naturally nurtures and grooms your beard and provides a soothing natural fragrance.
  • It makes the beard thicker and shinier
  • 100% free from Silicon and other toxic ingredients

Don’t get confused between Beard Serum and Beard Oil

The beard oil moisturizes and hydrates the beard and the skin underneath. On the other hand, beard serum is for growing a thicker beard.

You should choose the beard serum if you want to get rid of the scraggly or patchy beard. Go for beard oil to keep your beard hair nourished and hydrated.

The Natural Ingredients of AMAzing EARTH Certified Organic Beard Serum give complete natural care to your beard

Grapeseed Oil

  • It is a natural cleanser that eliminates excess sebaceous oil (The sebaceous oil may clog the pores and decrease the growth rate of your beard.)
  • Empowers hair follicles for better and faster beard growth
  • Its anti-inflammatory property protects the beard and the skin underneath
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the beard naturally

Apricot Oil

  • It also has anti-inflammatory property
  • It is a natural conditioner and stimulates beard growth
  • It improves the texture of beards and makes them more lustrous
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the dry and tangled beard with its natural richness
  • Guards against external harms like pollutants, cold or dry weather, and harmful sun rays etc. 

Olive Oil

  • It has Vitamin E that moisturizes the beard hair and skin underneath the beard
  • Stimulates the beard growth by penetrating the hair follicles
  • Combats the issue of itchiness in the beard
  • It makes the beard easy to style
  • It keeps the beard shiny

Argan Oil

  • Argan oil removes the beardruff (dandruff in your beard)
  • Decreases the hair breakage in the beard
  • It is naturally rich in Vitamin E that nourishes the beard
  • Repairs the split ends and provides healthy shine to beard hair
  • Reduces the skin irritation underneath the beard

The AMAzing EARTH Certified Organic Beard Serum is enriched with the above-mentioned natural extracts that provide the complete natural feel and nourishment to your beard.

Understand the utility of a 100% natural beard serum

It is not just about styling but understanding the urge for beard care as per constantly changing and rising pollution levels. A serum for beard has no meaning if it carries any harmful ingredient because it may harm your beard and the skin under it rather than nourishing it. Therefore, the AMAzing EARTH Certified Organic Beard Serum can be a good choice for the natural care and nourishment of your beard.

AMAzing EARTH serum for beard growth carries the unique blend of natural ingredients for providing a stunning look and absolute care to your beard. It is 100% vegan and Cruelty-free which means the AMAzing EARTH Certified Organic Beard Serum is not tested on animals.

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