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Best Agate Jewelry According to Latest Trends

Jenny Thomas


agate jewelry

One of the gemstones catching the eyes with its stunning patterns and plethora of colors, agate are the banded Chalcedony that comes in different varieties and makes beautiful pieces of Agate jewelry, providing an excellent fit for just about any occasion.

The different cuts and patterns in the gem provide an unusual appeal, bringing out the earthy feel from within.

The wholesome agate: meaning

Agate is a stone holding a layer of quartz that shows the varied bands in the gemstone. Usually, it occurs in the roundish nodules of veins, presenting a gripping look adding uniqueness and beauty to the simple stone.

They are the underrated gemstone for September and are used by the sun sign Gemini and are widely popular among the people celebrating the 12 and 14 anniversary.

Lets have a look at the agate jewelry according to the latest trends,

Crazy lace agate jewelry

With the unusual formation, crazy lace agate was found around 65 to 90 million years ago. They have banded Chalcedony with microcrystalline quartz mineral-infused together with iron and aluminum.

This uncommon stone is brightly colored and is filled with extravagant intricate patterns making the most alluring pieces of jewelry such as agate rings which wrap perfectly on the finger.

The most common colors associated with the stone are browns, greys, blacks, and gold. However, in some stones, the pinks and reds are swirled together, bringing out the hidden glory of the gemstone.

Moss agate jewelry

Moss agate is usually known as a semi-precious tree gemstone. It is formed from silicon dioxide with Chalcedony, which includes green minerals in color embedded in the stone, giving the touch of nature.

The stone gets its name from the green splotch from the greenery in its surroundings. The glorious colors of moss agate are due to the iron and chrome in the gemstone, which makes some eye-catching agate pendants highlighting the delicate neckline of the wearer.

Botswana agate jewelry

Botswana agate is with a bit of twist in the ordinary agate. It is mainly striped in different shades of pink and grey, but in the different layers, you may uncover various muted shades of apricot and browns.

These stones are highly regarded as an influence to stabilize the soul and provide mental stability bringing the perfect balance to emotional goodwill, physical strength, and calmness to the soul. Wearing the agate necklace or rings is said to help harmonize yin and yang and all the universe’s positive and negative forces.

Montana agate jewelry

Montana Agate is the term given to the brilliant Chalcedony found in the deep alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone River and was formed during the Pleistocene period from 2,588,000 until 11,700 years, making it a historical element of stone.

These gems’ exquisiteness and extreme rarity make it harder to mine by a small number of enterprises.

Dendritic agate jewelry

This style of agate stone is translucent and can come in various hues and appearances. Although generally are found as colorless whitish-gray, the Dendritic Agate can include a range of quartz inclusions that make it easy to distinguish among the other agate stones in the market.

The distinct nature of these gems highlights every agate jewelry making one stand out from the crowd.

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