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Are Non Alcoholic Perfumes Worth Trying?

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Are Non Alcoholic Perfumes Worth Trying?
Non Alcoholic Perfumes

In the world of perfumes, non-alcoholic scents are like a shining star. They are unique and smell amazing. For someone who prefers a lasting aroma, this is a must-have. For anyone who prefers vivid scent, nothing is better than this. With so many qualities, this perfume type has gained a lot of popularity. Unlike the new age fragrances, non-alcoholic scents have been around for ages. These are one of the first scents created by perfumers. In the old times, perfumers preferred oils as a carrier of scent essence.

Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil are one of the most common carriers. They do not change the scent of the essence in any way. This helps in keeping the perfume vivid and fresh for a longer period. If you are also thinking about trying non-alcoholic scents, this will convince you to do it.

What Makes Non-Alcoholic Perfumes Different From Others?

Alcoholic bases only came into existence after perfumes were mass-produced. It helped in lowering the cost of production and scent, making it accessible to everyone. Apart from this, alcohol makes the scent spread around fast. It has a fast evaporation rate which enhances the flow of scent molecules. This seems great, but in the long run, it will not work. The faster your perfume evaporates, the faster it will vanish from your skin.

Contrary to this, non-alcoholic scents have a much slower evaporation rate. The perfume essence will evaporate at a consistent speed. It will make the perfume smell the same even after several hours. For anyone who wants their scent to last all day, this is a nice choice. Two dabs of these perfumes are enough for hours of fragrance.

Along with giving a nice aroma, non-alcoholic scents carry many benefits. Moisturization is one of the most important benefits. As they have natural oils in the base, they are moisturising for the skin. People with dry skin will find these scents beneficial. It will help the aroma to stick to the skin better and last longer. Using perfume with essential oils helps in alleviating skin conditions. It includes skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. If you have sensitive skin, you can also use these to get relief from your condition.

Who Can Use These Non-Alcoholic Fragrances?

Non alcoholic perfumes are a blessing for anyone who has sensitive skin. Skin conditions and diseases often call for avoiding perfumes. They can trigger allergies and cause rashes. Alcohol in scents can also make the skin prone to extreme dryness. If you have any such condition, non-alcoholic versions are for you. People with dry skin must also use these for making their scent last longer.

Apart from this, you can use these if your religion prohibits the use of alcohol. Certain religions like Islam prevents their followers from using anything with alcohol. You can make these non-alcoholic scents part of your lifestyle. There are many deodorant variants available without alcohol in India as well. Choose the one that fits your fragrance profile and enjoy a lasting aroma.

Non-alcoholic scents are also perfect for those who like aromatic lasting scents. It feels light on the skin and gets absorbed very well. The oil base allows the scent molecules to adhere to the skin better. Due to its slow evaporation rate, the scent will evaporate slowly. It will not disappear from your skin in a couple of hours. If applied to clean skin, non-alcoholic scents can last more than 8 hours.

Which Are The Popular Brands In India Selling Non Alcoholic Scents?

If you wish to try these unique fragrances, there are several brands available in India. Out of all these, Otoori and Nabeel are quite popular. They offer a wide range of scents for men and women. You can also get unisex scents with these brands. What makes them stand out is a range having all kinds of scents. You can get classic oriental perfumes with a spicy and floral scent. There are French luxury perfumes with gentle floral and fruity notes too. You can shop for alcohol-free deodorant sprays here as well. Some of the popular options are:

  • Otoori Oud Al-Hind
  • Otoori Guroor Silver
  • Otoori Guroor Gold
  • Nabeel Jannet El Baqui

Alcohol-free scents are pure bliss. They are aromatic and vivid. They smell heavenly giving your senses a trip of a lifetime. It is safe for the skin and moisturizes it too. These are also free from unwanted chemicals that have natural ingredients. Unlike alcohol-based scents, it is quite easy to store these. You can place them anywhere and carry them with you too. They will not be spoiled under the sun or while traveling. If you are allergic to chemical-based scents, these perfumes will keep you safe. You can shop these fragrances and deodorants at affordable prices in India. Explore all the options available online and make them yours. No perfume can be better than alcohol-free ones.

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