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7 Top-Notch Animation trends | 2022

iftikhar ali


Animation trends

The realm of animation and motion graphics has gained a significant increase in the past few years. So the global animation market is continuously evolving. And has reached a new phase of presenting and promoting the brands through animation. 

From the slight use of motion graphics to the promotional videos, the animation divides across all types of businesses. Even the top most traditional companies desire to use animation because of its pros and characteristic opportunities. And in almost every industry, the trends keep changing, so it may be tough to cop up the pace with them. And it’s necessary to use different trends in animation as well. 

Here we will add some light on the seven top-notch trends of animation that will rule the year 2022. These trends will also intersect with media and fashion tendencies.

1.      Kinetic Typography

Usually, the animators feel scared of experimenting with typefaces and fonts because of reducing the likelihood of readability. However, in 2022, it forms new and unique challenges to break down the old-style rules and typography and bring it to make effective results. It all shows that the kinetic typography claims to break out the limits of traditional typography, and boost twisting, stretching, and changing letters so the audience like it the most.

Today many mobile apps and multiple e-commerce websites use kinetic typography in the animation videos to grab more audience attention. And make it more memorable to achieve high performance.

2.      Merging 2D and 3D Animation

2D and 3D can be combined this year in animation videos. So many animators merge 2D and 3D animation to add some style of sense to a video and make it more pleasant for the audience. And this trend can be used to integrate both the animations and put the 2D layers with the movement. 

Today you can deliberate this trend not only for big-budget promotional campaigns but also for the small budget digital advertisements. It can also make an outstanding video that drives more viewers and create a more energized and dynamic clip. 

3.      Animated Logos

Today businesses use to incorporate the animations in multiple branding things. And animated logos have already made one of the most outstanding animation trends that makes the brand identity and design. So, the animation and motion graphics put life into static icons and typography to make the brands more competitive.

Meanwhile, the unforeseen twists and movements in the animated logos give the brand a more dynamic look and attract more customers. Plus, it can also deliver and innovate something exclusive to the audience. 

4.      Linear Art

The linear art trend is widespread in animation and explainer videos. And can be used in almost every field because the lines used in animation can easily inject a mood and define the shapes and the directions of a video.

Therefore, some modern designs can make the audiences focus only on the vital information without spreading their attention to the unnecessary details. So, this trend has a meaningful impact on the viewers and provides the exceptional handicraft feeling that can only be made by linear art.

5.      The Infographic Videos

The infographics animation video is a strong animation trend that you need to consider in 2022. And these infographic videos are most common in every field since the information became tough to extract from the video structure portion. 

Therefore, the variations of infographics in the visual industry make the digital realm easier to understand and more appealing. Because the infographic animation videos have a broad impact on the audience, they can rely more on graphics, numbers, statistical data, and diagrams.

6.      Frame By Frame Animation

The universal animation realm is growing daily and will expect to multiply. And this success cycle began with the first artist ‘Walt Disney,’ who made the first cartoons with an unexpected hit. But with the growth of classic animation trends, the hand-drawn animation techniques made the frame-by-frame animation that changes the content in every frame.

However, this trend is best for making complicated animation because it can change every frame instead of moving across the stage.

7.      The Shape Animation

In today’s digital realm, changing and transforming some geomaterial objects into multiple forms is pretty complicated. Here comes the ‘shape animation,’ which offers an animated video more eye-catching and lively look. The keyframes of the shape animation make and transform one shape into another. And can be similar to the frame-by-frame animation.  

However, drawing the shape animation and the object movement is based on the algorithm that embraces the motion graphics as per the final and the initial frames. This trend can also be proved as magic that can be used in any animation video style and ultimately enhance the brand’s capabilities. 

To Wrap It Up

The current trends are the key to making the perfect video that ultimately grabs the audience’s heart. And the year 2022 makes animation breakthroughs in multiple fields. To make it more understandable, we have covered these seven outstanding animation trends that define the influence and power of the animation industry. We hope these trends will motivate you to deploy the best 2D animation services. And at the same time, they can also encourage you to make animation videos that will rule