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5 Best Secret Photo App For iPhone In 2021

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Secret Photo App

Let’s begin this blog by accepting the fact that we all have certain photos in our iPhone which we want to hide from the world. We don’t want anyone to sneak into the folders when our phone is present in their hands. Interestingly, the iPhone’s Photos app gives a good idea for hiding our pictures but it is not enough to hide all the photos properly. This is where some strong third party secret photo vault comes into picture. 

Below are some of the best apps to hide photos in iPhone and they are selected based on the security and additional features it provides to the users. 

Best Apps To Hide Photos

1. Keep Photos Secret

Now you can keep all your photos and videos secretly safe in an app with a strong password lock. It is understandable that you don’t want others to look inside your albums and talk about your personal space. Hence, this application gives you better functionalities to act like allowing you to make separate folders and lock them individually. It even provides an in-built browser and image downloader. Now when you want to access your photos, you either need to enter a 6 digit passcode or facial security. Both methods of locking the app are quite advanced and data safety ensured.

If you want to send the private pictures to anyone, you can share them directly with the app itself safely. Moreover, if you forget the password then you can recover it back using the email address you added in the beginning. The app would also ask you to delete the imported photos from the gallery so that they are not seen anywhere else except the vault available.

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2. Keepsafe

You have all the liberty to hide personal photos behind a PIN passcode. Keepsafe is known for preserving your memories, storing family photos, and organizing important documents. It is also called as an award winning application with millions of users around the world. The design and interface is very uniquely designed which gives easy photo viewing on all the devices. This is one of the safest apps to hide photos and videos with option of photos backup and customized albums.

You can put an album lock individually to protect photos inside albums and it can keep about 10,000 photos safely in one place. It also acts as a space saver as photos are compressed and originals are saved into the cloud separately. Moreover, you can find photos which are deleted from trash and retrieve them once again. 

3. Safe Lock

Safe Lock is much more than a secret photo vault app as it can protect and manage all the documents as well apart from photos and videos. It has other features like Wi-Fi transfer, anti-theft break in reports, viewing of slideshows and yes, a secret camera too. Data protection can be done with various password options like Touch ID, Face ID, passcode or alphabetical password. Choose anyone you like to apply!

It even comes with cloud options so that your photos are kept in locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. from where exporting is just very handy. You can even choose the app icon so that you can hide the application alone from the world.

4. Locker

This one in the list of photos vault section is just perfect for hiding your photos, videos, notes as well apps from the world. Locker gives you numerous options to protect your content like Face ID and Touch ID. Although it is not completely free of cost and allows only three apps to hide using this version, you can still rely on this app for best results possible. The updated cloud version is certainly a noteworthy feature. However, the downside is that you may not be able to recover your data back if the password is lost due to any reason or whatsoever.

5. Secret Key Lock Album

Here is another application which is going to protect your photos and videos behind a passcode which could either be your Face ID or Touch ID. The design is also very convenient to use and all the best features come without paying a single penny. It offers easy data transfer, supports numerous media file formats and gives least ads in the free version. Media formats like GIF, time lapse, live photos and slo-mos can be experienced. Once these files are inside your app, you can still share them on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and message. 

No matter how exciting the app is, you cannot edit your photos or videos within it and this is still a downside of the app. Even then this is the perfect application for hiding your photos and videos behind the passcode. 


We hope that you have already found out which app is the best secret photo vault for the iPhone for you. We highly recommend you to try Keep Photos Secret as it gives you numerous features as well as data recovery in case of deleting of photos due to any reason. Try it for once and let us know your views and experience in the comments section below.

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