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5 Best Android Tracking Apps

Nilava Majumder


Best Android Tracking Apps

A location monitoring program will allow you to keep track of your children’s GPS whereabouts at all times. You may find out where kids go behind your back and warm them up to stay away from risky spots if you know their location, even if it is busy. We’ve listed down the top Android tracking applications for you.

1. FamiSafe Android Tracking

FamiSafe is one of the most used and dependable Android monitoring applications available. The app’s powerful real-time tracking capability has enabled users to create effective control over children and, in some cases, adults. The program can remotely monitor all of the actions conducted on Android phones. Other features which help in tracking a device are also available.


  • It provides real-time location tracking as well as location history.
  • It can use Geofencing to create a secure boundary.
  • FamiSafe allows users to filter all websites and content and ban and monitor any apps installed on the Android smartphone.
  • Screen time tracking and management are also highly beneficial in controlling phone use.

Price: The pricing depends on the selected plan. It costs $9.99 per month, $19.99 per quarter, and $59.99 per year.

2. Spies

Spy is one of the most well-known Android tracking applications. It works remotely and allows you to get information about the device of your choice. This program can track your location, contacts, text messages, phone history, and social networking applications. The app’s comprehensive features make it an appealing alternative for monitoring scenarios.


  • It has a Screen Capture function that allows you to snap screenshots remotely.
  • Calls can also be recorded in the background.
  • The keylogger function is also helpful.
  • Keeping a tab on all apps installed on the Android phone.
  • The software includes practically all of the functionality seen in other monitoring apps for Android.
  • It restricts app usage based on a timetable.
  • Using an activity graph, users can see which applications are utilized the most.

3.Highster Mobile Tracking

When the Highster Mobile debuted to the market, it stirred up competition among Android monitoring applications. Although this app’s computability isn’t very high, its features set it apart from many monitoring applications.

  • Tracking text messages, call records, browsing history, contacts, and other information.
  • It is possible to monitor social media networks efficiently.
  • It offers a real-time control panel for tracking the target device.
  • It is simple to track the GPS location.

Price: The app services can be availed for $70 as a one-time charge.

4. Mobicip

Mobicip is one of the applications that provides a safe environment for children to browse securely and safely. It promotes itself as an excellent android tracking software due to its comprehensive features.


  • It has a robust site screening tool.
  • A domain, website, and app blocker are also available.
  • There is also a timer option present for keeping track and limiting the use of Android phones.

Price: The premium plan costs $39.99 per year for five devices and $79.98 for ten. The corporate package, which may cost up to $159.96, allows you to track more than 20 devices. A free version is available.

5. mSpy

The mSpy tool is one of the best Android monitoring apps. It is capable of remotely tracking Android phones and monitoring their actions.


  • Monitoring social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.
  • It can track calls, SMS messages, location, and up to 25 more sorts of data.

Finishing Touch

Kids will sometimes wander about without informing their parents. This is a very concerning thing for parents since a lot of children go missing each year. Parents may use the GPS tracker app to find their children’s precise whereabouts at any time and discover if they aren’t where they should be. You will be notified whenever your children lie about their whereabouts after utilizing the location tracking software.